Tour de France 2023 Betting

The Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling competition in the world and is renowned for its demanding environment, which includes numerous difficult stages and breathtaking scenery.



Welcome to the premier online betting guide for the Tour de France!


The Tour de France is the most prestigious of cycling’s three Grand Tours, which also include the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espaa. The Tour de France is the premier event in cycling betting, with chances on nearly every possible outcome of the 21-stage Grand Tour.

Where to Get Tour de France Odds for Betting


Given that the Tour de France is the second most-watched sporting event on live television, behind only the FIFA World Cup, it is not surprising that odds on Tour de France wagering are available worldwide.


Best online betting companies offer odds on the Tour de France, including betting markets on a variety of outright and in-running scenarios. As the race’s beginning approaches, more odds become available, and other markets connected to the day’s stage are introduced daily.


After the conclusion of each stage, the odds on the Tour de France winner will be updated, as will the odds on the other race-long events, such as Points, Climber, Young Rider, and Most Combative Rider.

Tips for Wagering on the Tour de France


When considering how to wager on the Tour de France, there are two factors to consider: first, there are three weeks of racing, and odds change daily. Second, what Tour de France wagering options exist?


The most popular bet is always on the overall winner, who will wear the Yellow Jersey after around 3,500 kilometers of cycling competition. Nevertheless, if the spread in the Tour de France winner betting odds appears frightening or unrewarding, there are many other markets that offer significant value. Let’s examine some of the alternatives:


Tour de France Odds Markets: Overall Winner | Betting on the overall or outright winner is never difficult: choose the cyclist you believe will win the Tour de France.

Points Winner | These odds forecast who will win the Green or Points Jersey, which is awarded to the rider who accumulates the most points in stage finishes and intermediate sprints. In general, the favorite with these odds is the fastest sprinter in the race.

Climber’s Classification | These chances forecast who will win the Polka Dot or Climber’s Jersey, which is earned by amassing the most points on mountaintop finishes and King of the Mountains segments. Occasionally, the overall winner can also win this wager.

Top Three | If you cannot choose a clear winner, this wager is for you. Similar to each-way wagering in horse racing, you receive odds on your rider finishing in the top three overall.

Top Ten | These odds function identically to Top Three, only they go all the way down to 10th, so if you find a wager with enormous odds – and risk – in the Overall market, it’s worthwhile to check the Top Ten odds. It’s a common Tour de France bet.

Stage Winner | The Tour de France offers 21 possibilities to wager on a stage winner. Each stage is unique, so it doesn’t matter if you only know about sprinters or climbers; every sort of rider has a chance, and therefore every style of bettor has as well.

Head-to-Head | In a head-to-head wager on the Tour de France, you choose two riders and predict who will finish in first place. This is primarily an overall wager, however there may be head-to-head odds for a particular stage.

Can I wager during the Tour de France?


Yes, in-running wagering is permitted on Tour de France stages. Over the three weeks of racing, you can also wager on who will win the Tour de France, who will finish in the Top 3 or Top 10, and who will win the Points, Mountains, Young Rider, and Combativity classifications.


The odds for these wagers will be changed daily, during and after each stage, so you do not need to bet on any of the outright markets prior to the start of the race; in fact, by waiting you could reduce your risk. However, the disadvantage is that the best odds are frequently available prior to the start of the race, especially for underdogs.


If you believe, prior to the start of the race, that one of the favorites will win the classification you’re interested in, you might employ this technique for your cycling wagers. Sometimes their initial odds are too modest for you to wager on them, but they are eliminated, for instance, if he underperforms in a time trial.